Baby and Cake Smash Photography

Baby and Cake Smash Sessions are a fun way to document the growth of your child. With the Baby’s First Year Program you can archive your baby’s milestones in tangible memories.


Baby’s First Year & Milestone Photography

It is important to document your child’s growth all along the way.  JJP offers bundled packages to allow you the perfect memories of baby’s first year.  A testimony of baby’s growth can be achieved through photography sessions at quarterly intervals.  A great way to do this is with Baby’s First Year which includes Newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months (with a Cake Smash session wrapping up all of the fun).  If you have already missed the newborn mark an adjusted First Year Package can be customized for you.

Milestone sessions are also great for photographing your children at 6 months of age and yearly.  Don’t let the fun and documentation stop just because your sweet baby turned one.  You will treasure looking back at the changes in your child from his or her yearly photography sessions with Jen Jacobowitz Photography.

Cake Smash Photography

Cake Smash sessions are so much fun!  It is the perfect way to document such a huge milestone in your child’s life.  Not only will you get the fun of watching your special little one make a mess with their cake but we will also be cleaning the mess maker up for some beautiful casual photos as well.  The nature of Cake Smashes with Jen Jacobowitz Photography tends to be on the simple side.

I like to keep a focus on baby so neutral colors and simple decorations/props are typically used.  A tan, white or gray background will be used and decorations are kept to a minimum.  Simplifying the cakes smash sessions allow these images to flow seamlessly through your home with the rest of your portraits and decor.

With JJP providing the outfits, cake and props, you do not have to worry about at thing!


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