Hi, I’m Jen, photographer and owner of Jen Jacobowitz Photography.  

Born in Richmond, raised (mostly) in King William, and residing yet again in Richmond, VA… I am a country city girl.  I love the innocence and slow pace of the country but all the modern conveniences of living right down the road from the grocery store, gas station, my kids school, and of course… the mall.  I am a mother of two boys, wife to a wonderful man,  server of God and an artist.

My experience with children started long before my career in photography.  As a teenager I spent my summers working in the very same daycare that I grew up in.  I followed this path until I was employed as the Lead Pre-K teacher at a well known child development and learning center.  I continued my education from high school into VCU where I would study psychology which would help me figure out the little intricacies that were my students minds.  I bring all of this experience and education into my work as a photographer.  My role as photographer started for me over thirteen years ago when my children were very little and I was feeling compelled to capture every small and glorious detail and moment in their lives.  As time, and my children, grew on I longed for more perfection in my pictures.  I wanted them to tell a story, to really let me relive the moment that was captured.  With that desire I emersed myself in the education of photography and lighting.  My style of photography is a timeless mix of natural and curated elements used to create genuine and soulful imagery that is classic yet unique and distinct.

My passion truly lies in what I can do for you.  I want to create art for you that moves you.  I want to put all the love in your heart onto your walls.  I want to capture moments that mean something to you.  Just as importantly, I hope to have found a new friend in you, and you in me, when our time together has concluded.  A session with me is not about posing and collecting money.  A session with me is all about your experience… one I hope leaves you feeling joyful and respected.

 There are galleries here on my website that represent my style of art.